Flolet — a web-based database console for technical people.

Current features

Free plan included

If you are an individual user, you can count on our free plan.

We are more like GitHub than like a fancy business intelligence tool.


No need to install anything.

Don't make your SaaS customers wait till you get back to your work laptop with psql.


Right now we support PostgreSQL.

(More databases are coming later.)

Run any SQL

Flolet supports any SQL that the database supports.

We want to make things easy, but not to the point where we lose out to psql.

Full history

View the history of your queries, and their results at the time of running.

Task-driven workflow

Create separate notebooks, or "stories", per task or issue.

See what you were trying to do, and how you did it (or perhaps how you did it wrong).

Table, CSV, JSON output

Get query results as a table, CSV, or JSON.

Get your data out and process it however you want.

Static IP

Flolet runs all queries from a single IP.

You only need to allow incoming connections from and you are good to go.

Next up on the roadmap


Create workspaces, invite teammates, share data sources. Leave comments together with queries.

Mobile version

Access all Flolet features in mobile browsers.

(In fact, Flolet already works in mobile browsers, but it has not been optimized for mobile yet.)

More databases

We want to be the only data console you need.

Our roadmap includes SQL databases (e.g. MySQL), NoSQL databases (e.g. Mongo), and other database-like things (e.g. Redis).

Longer-term plans

Column explanations

Add explanations to the columns in your tables.

Useful if you have named your columns confusingly and no-one but you remembers what exactly they mean.

Query templates

Create lightweight templates for e.g. your customer support team.

JavaScript queries

Use variables, if-statements, loops, and filters without learning PL/pgSQL or PL/SQL.


Run queries on schedule and get alerts based on the result.

Useful for gathering analytics on new signups, flagging spam, or making sure customers don't exceed usage limits.

SSH into other servers

Access servers and execute remote commands from the same convenient interface.

Audit logs

Access a full log of all actions performed by your team, with included metadata.

On-premises deployment

Deploy Flolet inside your own infrastructure.